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Accused Staff Member: Dragnort

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Date & Time (GMT): 10/12/20 @ 17:00 GMT

Abuse of Power? and/or Infringement of the rules?
Abuse of power

Explanation and Evidence
When you refund someone something then remove it from their inventory it doesn't get removed.
I know someone who was given a Volkswagon by accident, then when the admin removed it from his inventory, it didn't get removed. It was displayed in chat that it was removed but he still had it in his inventory.

JoshZ Was given a BMW by Dragnort, then Dragnort removed it from his inventory. I'm not 100% sure of this but i want to see a picture of JoshZ's inventory and see if he has the BMW Dragnort gave him. Or see logs to check it.

I want an admin that's not Dragnort to confirm that when you give someone a vehicle ingame then remove it, it actually disappears from the inventory, and confirm that the BMW was completely removed from JoshZ's inventory.

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This isn’t an abuse of power.

Second of all it got removed, but clearly that’s not enough for your Strike10.

Thanks for making the AA

-Removed by Steven8ken
I had Dragnort message me about an issue he was having with the command. I can confirm that Dragnort did indeed take away Josh's BMW and was just being a cheeky chappy in OOC.

It was given in the first place because he was trying to refund the M3 Shotgun, not the BMW M3. In the command, he used the term 'M3' and as a result, the incorrect item was given but then taken away after consulting me about it
Kind Regards,

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Alright, you can close this post now.
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No Abuse Noted and invalid case warning issued.

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