Reported User(s): DankNukem

Reported User's SteamID: STEAM_0:0:76958346

Date & Time (GMT): 15/11/20 @ 20:20 GMT

Summary of the incident
We were raiding Eagle & DankNukem (White Boy aswell?) and DankNukem shoots at me as I'm cracking the keypad, through a wall they've decided not to cover on purpose.
Rule 9.2 [...] keypads must have cover provided [...]

I did notify the admins but they did not answer for 1 and a half hours and when I did get a reply they just told me to make this PR


[Image: 03qFmtE.png]
Hello Cygnus,

Thank you for this player Report regarding DankNukem. Firstly, I apologise that this was not dealt with by an administrator at the time, I can only assume that they were preoccupied or not present/able to administrate at the time of your notification of the incident.

After reviewing the evidence provided, I can conclude that this is in direct breach of the base rules, specifically 9.2, "there must be a fair chance of victory for the attackers (keypads must have cover provided, corridors must fit two people if there is a shooting hole - slums corridor cannot be made smaller.".

In this situation, the only way to access the base was via the keypad cracker directly behind the prop. This would give an unfair advantage to anyone attempting to raid this base. My advice to DankNukem is to read upon the guidance and rules of Doomforting on the Server Rules page.

DankNukem, after 677 Hours you should understand these rules. If you are ever unsure of this, please check with a staff member before commencing any aggressive RP.

I will be issuing a PTE & Weapons blacklist (#108237) of 1 hour 30 minutes.

[PR #97056 Approved]

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