[CHANGELOG] Minor Updates
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This thread will serve as an ongoing, more detailed changelog for updates which do not require their own thread but need further explanation than what can be described in a regular changelog entry.

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Vending machines have gotten an upgrade! Here is a quick rundown of what has been changed:
Vending machines now have stock, meaning that a Chef will have to refill it once it has gone out of stock. A notification will appear on any online chef's screen stating that a vending machine has gone out of stock. If there is no chef on it will automatically refill after an hour. The maximum stock of the vending machine is 5 per item.

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The vending machine will also visually show that it has run out of stock, and you will no longer be able to purchase from it. (changes to red)

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The chef will earn $250 from restocking it.

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E = Purchase item
Shift + E = Restock vending machine (Chef only)
Vending machines still have the ability to fail, on a low chance.
If a chef is online, the noodle item will become unavailable to purchase from the machine, turning yellow.

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  • Vending machines have stock
  • Must be refilled by a Chef using Shift + E
  • Vending machines auto-refill once per hour if there is no chef online
  • Removed the menu, now integrated into the entity
  • Optimised code 100000000%

Item price table:
  • Water = $480, refills 10, special ability = removes drunk effect
  • Lemonade = $360, refills 5
  • Soda = $340, refills 6
  • Noodle = $750, refills 25
  • Kinder = $260, refills 5
  • Dorito = $400, refills 6

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Its My Birthday! 
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Chess and checker boards have been added to Grass area beside Sweet Suite Furnishing and Nexus Front. Players can spectate a game in progress. A leaderboard can be accessed by /topchess or /topcheckers or /topdraughts Credits to the original addon author.

Spoiler: chess
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Thanks to Conn, Divey, Tomo Pollux, TonettaFan #2319 and Ryan  for helping me test.
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Its My Birthday! 
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We are adding seasonal events and for our test run we are adding presents that you will gain as you play on the server throughout the next few days. These presents can be sold to the tradesman to get a small reward. The presents can also be given to other players however, they can not be opened yet! These presents will be given automatically as you play, you will know once you get one. It's up to you if you think that it is worth holding on to, it could have something good. 

this is what they look like:
[Image: 33195819-christmas-or-birthday-present.jpg]
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