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Your Name: Qannter

Accused Staff Member: Dragonort_

Involved users

Date & Time (GMT): 11/11/20 @ 15:21 GMT

Abuse of Power? and/or Infringement of the rules?
Abuse of power

Explanation and Evidence
Dragonort gave an unnecessary warning for posting on the discussion thread.

I posted a relevant discussion poll which was not to increase the posting count

The tread:

[Image: FW2.PNG?width=1440&height=112]

I gave you the warning as you editing your original post to have up to date information and then posted the link to it on another thread in order to bump it above.

I saw this as posting unneeded links because there was already a 2020 Election Results post made by Siphon which was more recent than yours.

Kind Regards,

-Removed by Steven8ken
Hi Qannter,

It is clear that this admin abuse report does not have grounds. I will quote the Staff Report Instructions under the subheading "Example points that are not abuse" - "Punishing you in various forms, even if you don't like the reason."

Whilst I appreciate your confusion surrounding your forum warning, this is not abuse of power as you have specified here. A matter such as this should be discussed within a UBR, not an Admin Abuse case. I will not warn you for this today but I should inform you that posting an invalid abuse case could cause you to receive a 50% forum warning. You should contact the banning admin to discuss or an SA to investigate a punishment. This can be done formally via a UBR, as previously mentioned.

If you are still not pleased with Dragnort's response here, please post a UBR to contest your punishment.

Closed. No abuse noted.

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