Steam Name: Monsted

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:57510704

BanID: 83632

Ban Reason
11th ban in 100 hours, attempted RDM, last chance

Staff Member:  MasterNoda

Involved users
me and the dudes i tried to kill

Why should you be unbanned?
Your name: Monsted

Your ban ID: 83632

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:57510704

Reason: 11th ban in 100 hours, attempted RDM, last chance

Staff member who banned you: MasterNoda

Reason why you should be unbanned: (ive will be refering to the person i punched by dude because i dont remember his name) **Backstory** It all started when the dude pulled out a gun on me and told me to walk away. so i did and then i returned a few seconds later with a bat and punched him 1 time. then him and his buddys pulled out their pistols and began to shoot at me so i pulled out mine and returned fire but i ended up getting killed without killing any of them. **Backstory** So i dont see how it was attempted rdm. and further more 11th ban in 100 hours isint really a fear way of determening it because most of my bans are from many years ago when i was a little kid.

I recall that you were pretty toxic throughout your time as well, and the RDM was pretty blatant as well. I'm keeping the ban, but I'm going to remove the last chance since your bans are relatively older.

Approved in the fact that last chance is removed, but I'm going to keep the ban itself.
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