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Attempted Teamkill/RDM - FailRP. Read the rules.

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[FL:RP] Tim
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Why should you be unblacklisted?
The situation started by a group of people entering Burger King, including the Vice President and his bodyguard. The Vice President started punching multiple people inside Burger King multiple times. He then proceeded to hit me and as I glanced down at my health, I saw that it was already on 63%, not noticing that it had been like this since when I entered. I pulled out my weapon to try to encourage him to stop hitting me but he proceeded to hit me further. With a split second decision, I decided to treat the Vice President as if he was any other civilian and as I know I'm unable to taser or handcuff him, I fired a warning shot which struck his legs, causing him to run. I was then instantaneously murdered by his bodyguard who understandably has the job to protect him.

Looking back on the incident, it would have been better to contact an administrator to report the Vice President for mingepunching but the thought didn't occur to me at the time as I treated it as a roleplay situation such as a corrupt or delusional Vice President. I also accept that I should've contacted a staff member after and did not. 

My intent was never to kill the Vice President and I had a reason to fire the warning shot which did indeed eventually stop him. I have also attached a video that shows as soon as the Vice President received a shot and stopped hitting me, I didn't fire any more and backed off. 

The bodyguard attempted to explain the situation as well but was unable to as he was teleported away.

Finally, I was told the additional reason for the blacklist was for minging previously today which the only occurrence I can think of is when a group of people attempted to climb onto a roof with a job 'Parkourist' or similar and I followed them. I also take responsibility of this and in hindsight would not have done it if I knew it would've been an issue.

I hope that you can understand this situation and please feel free to contact me if you require any additional information.

Many thanks.

Hi Flames,

Thank you for taking the time to make this UBR. I have review the UBR I have given and although you did break FailRP by shooting the president which was borderline backseat adminsitrating I will remove this UBR.

Please in the future if this happens again or similar please call an Admin via @ rather than taking matters into your own hands.

UBR Approved

Kind Regards,

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UBR Approved
Reasons stated above.
Closed & Moved.
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