Reported User(s): Oliver

Reported User's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:36593205

Date & Time (GMT): 15/9/20 @ 00:11 GMT

Summary of the incident

So last night we were doing a Court RP and steven said his mum was moaning or something so I warranted him to free him from the roleplay.
I ask Omega what the command to add time to a warrant is, then Oliver begins to mock my voice, asking for a command to add time to a warrant is an ooc statement, this would mean Oliver mocking what I said  was breaking Rule "You cannot be discriminatory out of character in any form, doing so will result in a harsh punishment. You can do this in character with an intricate roleplay reason, however it will require consent from all members of the RP or Admin permission.".
This alone I find is petty and it isn't the reason for the report.

Out of no where he begins to personally attack me, calling me an "Insecure ***", then calls me a "***" again.
His excuse is that I instigated the situation.
He then goes on to call me insecure and a mummy's boy.

Then he mentions how it took half an hour which then makes me reference the ic plea deal steven agreed to.

As you can see we have a prison warden who stayed with Oliver there for his entire sentence.

The disgusting comments which take this report past being considered petty are; "Insecure ***" "***".
He went on to say things about how I was astranged from my feelings etc.
So this was all OOC and against the rules.

Rule 1.7 - 1.7 You cannot be discriminatory out of character in any form, doing so will result in a harsh punishment. You can do this in character with an intricate roleplay reason, however it will require consent from all members of the RP or Admin permission.

He knows full well what he said was wrong, he has already been punished for OOC Insults.
(Blacklist 69368 - Player Disrespect)

He said his comments were IC : 
Also saying "***" was a term to describe a wood pile.

So he was just making excuses as he realised his actions were wrong.

I think his comments were absolutely disgusting and I will not be replying until a Staff Member requests.



Involved. this was an out of character attack for his own behavior it's absolutely disgusting,
And this should not be taken softly.
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You dragged the scernario from a basic arrest to a 45 minute of you trying to make yourself seem some almighty person, the whole situation you done was made to try and trip me up because of your personal vendetta against me.

In no way was the mocking of your voice an ooc insult because my character was very stressed the long ordeal you had put him through in this arrest, the things that you are trying to pick up on and twist is ridiculous and the things I have done here are not extreme or targetted like you are making out. Apart from what you have shown I haven't dropped slurs on you at all except from calling you a *** a couple times in roleplay whilst you had been doing your flexing on us prisoners as the judge.

The whole day you had been trying to do this, and you had succeed at 12am-2am, after having been on all day. I knew you were trying to do something like this, I can say I didn't think you would ever go as far as to bringing something as homosexuality into your aspirations against me with your personal infliction you are obviously not an idiot but a person who goes to horrible lengths to make what you want happen.

I have uploaded a video here showing you to be the only police officer online choosing to not pull over someone else who is clearly breaking a large traffic law and choosing to stay on my tail wanting to cause harm and damages to me and like instigate something out of character just a hour before this happened:


You really need to learn to draw a distinction between in character and out of character. You are completely ruining the roleplay experience, the amount of times you break the roleplay is horrible and I had never played with you before this day, you had completely targetted me and I had been avoiding being around you because you love to try and be some superior person

Next, how you have tried to twist warrants all of sudden being an out of character thing, in no way is that acceptable because the warrant is a huge part of the roleplay, I mean come on, you had put me into a court for 45 minutes while you hollared things down at us from the judge stand.

How hard you have tried to twist this "you're calling me insecure and homosexual man" this is not true at all, I can't believe the lengths you go to, it's absolutely disgusting. I have stated my reasons for calling you that in the video, it was because you try to force what you want on people and go to lengths to do it, exactly as you're doing here. Which is what I meant by saying your a mummy's boy because I could tell you was instigating something to try and make a post like this, meaning you would come running here, and I never thought I did anything wrong, because I have never heard of a relation with *** in a homosexual context.

I have googled the word '***' and it's definition is not something I would intend to mock someone about, I'm very sure that definition is something new for the word which the meaning you think of it has originated from America I have certainly never heard it in that context, and this meaning that you so much associate with the word is nothing I had been aware of. I had googled that too and it isn't a old word for that. I have never heard of *** being used in that context, in primary school I learned a *** is a woodpile and that calling someone a *** was in relation to that meaning idiot, of which is what I was saying to you because I don't get why you had been trying to instigate problems all the possible times that day with me.

You have left out so much context, in which I would be happy to speak about, I haven't tried to shut you down at all, or be horrible to you, the things I have said to you are things I would put in to the least of worst things you could say and the reason you have done this is because of personal infliction as you have created a vendetta against me.

For you to be saying and suggesting think I have something against gay people or anyone really, you are just a horrible person and manipulator. Your behaviour to people is horrible and you don't treat everyone fairly so there was no way I could be fake and want to be around you, just as I had wanted to carry on avoiding you. But you decided to waste time in mainstreet for 10min, and hold us up in the court for 30 min to waste more time so that you could carry on your personal infliction.
Yours Truely,
I've just seen your statement about me having previous OOC blacklist that was most likely in 2013 to my belief. That would've been from when I was 12 years old, this just shows your dilligence in creating a scernario based against me. You know wholeheartedly that I have no intention to upset or especially slur against homosexuality.

In regards to "saying "***" was a term to describe a wood pile." The relation of this to being a slur is that it suggests the person is as dumb as a woodpile, and is a lightened version of calling someone stupid.
I had been nothing but respectful to you up until the moment you decided to break that mutuality by randomly personally attacking me before you change jobs just because I wouldn't partake in your police minging by randomly arresting people for small things and not writing warrants.
Which I believe is large part of your vendetta and you totally instigated it by calling me 'bigman' and trying to make it personal when I had no interest in breaking character, which you literally do at the flip of your fingers and it's really horrible and generally confusing while playing around you

How dare you for saying to me "You know the staff team have homosexuals" in this instance and using trying to create such a situation around that with trying to suggest I have any homophobic idea or intention, it is really low of you when you know exactly that was not of any intention of mine.
Yours Truely,
(09-16-2020, 05:26 AM)Bobby Wrote: Involved, witnessed situation in courtroom

Stop being such a pussy
stop lying, only people involved was me, oliver, aspire and steven

this just proves that oliver is guilty and sending his little friends to lie for him
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(09-16-2020, 05:50 AM)OMG Ωmega Wrote:
(09-16-2020, 05:26 AM)Bobby Wrote: Involved, witnessed situation in courtroom

Stop being such a pussy
stop lying, only people involved was me, oliver, aspire and steven

this just proves that oliver is guilty and sending his little friends to lie for him

If I wasn't involved then you weren't involved, I don't even know oliver personally just thought this is so petty. Crying over IC words, who cares?
No thanks
Great effort at trying to blow it out of proportion and twist it for your own advantage, you know it wasn't personal but this is a result of your own vendetta. I'll also add to this that the above people posting haven't talked to me at all about this and I don't know them personally.

The idea that you took personal offence to this is obviously not true and you had been trying to push my buttons ever since being around me with your macho attitude. You should treat people better. In the evidence it's obvious you don't take offence and understood the intention. I also made my reasons clear to you.

And It's pretty obvious when people are trying to do things for their own gain, and it is not admirable, so that's why you see people speaking up.

It would help alot if you both dropped your power hungry horse inside you and started treating people more evenly, Omega, You are among the worst I have seen for twisting situations in trying to suit your narrative. All you do is burn and turn. The stuff you keep coming out with is so unrealistic and therefore totally not relevant at all you're just trying to push your agendas further all the time in almost everything you do

"this just proves that oliver is guilty and sending his little friends to lie for him" this isn't the case at all, more like what you've instigated and planned with Aspire has been seen completely through by a whole lot of people, the amount of people that have messaged me in support that I have never talked to or had personal relations on the server. People that I had even not seen eye to eye with through reports but they thought it was important to not hold back on telling me about their own encounters with you both in trying to instigate OOC situations and taking your shit.
Yours Truely,

Don't be petty.
Fearless Administrator

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