Your Name: Dimitris

Accused Staff Member: Jessixa

Involved users
Me the accused staff member and Cygnus

Date & Time (GMT): Not relevant

Abuse of Power? and/or Infringement of the rules?
Abuse of power

Explanation and Evidence
Jessixa has once again shown her bias towards Cygnus, multiple points were made since his UBR was re-opened to be re-considered and she just went and denied it with no further replies. Her attitude is just terrible right now, she acts as if she is above any rules that exist. Even Falc himself thought she would come in with more details and I bet he was surprised to see it just get denied. This just needs to stop. How much more are users suppose to take. 

Jessixa once again is acting upon emotions, she is being the exact opposite of professional and it's literally an insult to any other staff member if she continues to hold the rank. Time after time she proves how incapable she is of doing her task which is to keep the servers clean. She is instead deplatforming users and at this point she is just being blatant about it. Cygnus came up with a paragraph of why he should be un-banned and she acted as if that paragraph did not even exist and it's not the first time she does that. Many similar occasions have occurred which have also been reported in the other AAs. 

I am tired of hearing the same excuse, inexperience. The mistakes Jessixa keeps on making are mistakes TAs get past the first week of their trial, instead Jess continues to make them time after time. 

What really is classified as harassment is what Jess has been doing to Cygnus, honestly I feel bad for him. Jessixa has spread so many rumors about Cygnus that are just false, she has for months now claimed she has been harassed by him but whenever she is asked to bring any sort of evidence to the table she just ignores that request. For the last time Jess where is your evidence?
I am calling you out for harassment and I do have the evidence needed, you've done nothing but harm to Cygnus by making him seem as a terrible person to the rest of the community when in reality you are the manipulative one that has just lied about everything. Not only has she harassed Cygnus but she has also made sure he stays off the services for a long time, this is honestly just disgusting.

( The UBR: )

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