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Violet de Kittie
Your Name: john jong

Accused Staff Member: Violet de Kittie

Involved users
Me and Spag

Date & Time (GMT): 8/9/20 @ 20:00 GMT

Abuse of Power? and/or Infringement of the rules?
Abuse of power,Infringement of the rules

Explanation and Evidence
Violet Kittie brought me to a roof and accused me of abusing lamps and trying to cause lag. 
I asked for proof on this because I know I didn't do this and she doesn't have the best track record for made-up evidence.
After this, she put me down and said she would be back in 5mins with evidence then after about 30 mins she brought me back up and sent me a screenshot, this shows me testing lamps for an RP I was doing this in the hotel so it was hidden from the public (Yes I know I should have gone on build bite me).
Violet then claimed she had a video which she refused to send which I personally see no reason not too bearing in mind it would potentially strengthen her case against me if there was a video.
Violet also accused me of lying in a sit and then proceeded to lie her self about this evidence, she also claims falsely that I was intentionally trying to cause lag which is false, I removed the lamps after I noticed an FPS drop.

I constantly requested to see the evidence in which she just ended the sit and issued me a 2hr PTE and is now ignoring me which is just unprofessional from a staff member.

I also suspect violet of having a bias due to being a very close friend to an admin I despise publically which is jessixa

I don't normally post AAs but I just feel that it is worth posting because its inappropriate what happened today and its what is killing FL.

If you have any questions please pop them below.


John Jong
Hello John Jong, Thank you to take time to make AA on me.
First, Lying in the courthouse is not allowed.
Second, you are not allowed to use lamps without Staff's permission, even the Event Coordinator is allowed to use it not more than one. But you spawned multiple lamps and it did cause the lag. You say that you removed the lamps after noticed an FPS drop, well that's was not true but you still keep spawning them as you allowed your friend to copy that and he spawned multiple lamps too. Now my question is, how do you get the lamp? Finally, I did not lie about the evidence as I already send the evidence that has your conversations with your friend to SA.
Thank you.
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Thanks for your response, here we go again accusing me of lying. I got the dupe from a staff member so I would say that's enough permission. I was placing them to test what caused lag as that was not the intention for using the lamps. I would also like to add I thought that staff must know very good if not fluent English however both Violet and Jessixa speak very broken English to at some points unintelligible to comprehend what they are saying.
So you saying that you got permission to spawn multiple lamps and you also got permission to let your friend copy it? I don't think that is true. This AA is on me, and I did issue the blacklist on you, so please do not involve Jessica here. 
Thank you.
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Under review.

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Good evening JohnJong,

Thank you for your report on Violet.

Firstly, there is no abuse here. Violet was not lying and was doing her role as a TA.

I have watched the evidence of the full video Violet recorded. I watched you and SpaghettiFTW laughing and joking about this and discussing about putting them closer together, etc. You knew your intentions with this.

In light of the evidence shown, I have also increased your blacklist by 2 hours. You should know better than this. If you wish to see the evidence (if you haven't seen it already), you can contact me via PM here or Discord.

No abuse noted, concluded.

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