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Why should you be unbanned?
Posting on the behalf of Tails

I tried talking to Divey privately about this, hoping that he would see some sense and reverse his choice - but after months of being ignored and told he doesn't care about the facts, I have no choice to appeal publically here. I was going to leave it but since the courthouse rules have changed I don't need to worry about being shut down without having a chance to defend myself. The actual reason for my ban was "harassment" (very coincidentally dished out literally minutes after having another bogus ban overturned). There is no evidence to even suggest that I was "harrasing" anyone, especially when the person I was supposedly harassing frequently came to where me and others were talking and started antagonising and being aggressive, an opinion not just held by me, but by 2 Supervising Administrators at least, to the point where his actions led to having a whole discord channel closed.

When I asked Divey for any evidence to support this ban, he only provided a couple of screenshots that I can't seem to find now. From memory, one was of richie talking to Sparx I believe, discussing how he was doxxed by someone in the FL Discord - he doesn't name any names but Divey still used this to support my ban. For a fact, Razz and Ghost were the ones posting his sister's TikTok channel, as far as I know neither of them were punished for this - yet months later I'm held accountable for it and given a 2 year suspension? Doesn't sit right with most people. When confronted about it, Divey tried to claim "They didn't do as much as you did", however I find it hard to believe that making a few funny comments is worse than sharing richie's sister's TikTok, which made him obviously uncomfortable and making racial remarks about his ex girlfriend. The second screenshot was a quote of me telling him to "fuck off" or something similar, however he completely cuts off all context of this screenshot in an attempt to make it look worse - in reality I wasn't even talking to him at this point.

Another point Divey tried to pin on me is "you respond to almost anything richie says in the discord" - is that against the rules? I was mostly active in the #humanities channel, where the whole point is discussion and debate, I'd imagine most people would find doing that very difficult if we didn't respond to eachother.

Finally, richie has me blocked on discord. If it wasn't for the fact that he constantly unblocked me to read my messages and confront me, there wouldn't even be a case to begin with
Hi Tails, thank you for your UBR. It is now in review and I will discuss this with Divey.

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I have just reviewed all the evidence and quite frankly, I'm disgusted.

I've seen much more than "a couple of screenshots" that you've claimed here and I can't believe you are trying to pass this off as "hoping that he would see some sense and reverse his choice". The comments you have made are inhuman, degrading and utterly vile. I'm actually lost for words.

You are lucky that this has only been risen within the community. These reports can easily be forwarded to Discord as well as an internal investigation to involve authorities with direct harassment claims. More have come out of cases that haven't been as severe as this, but I have spoken to Richie and has decided that he does not want to proceed down that route.

Please help me with why you don't believe this is fair and why you honestly don't believe you've said anything harming and just, "making a few funny comments".

I will be investigating the other people you named further and will discuss any actions with Tomo and Divey.

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Is there anything else to add since we spoke in PM?
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I didnt think there was much else to say after proving there was no harassment
Nothing else to add to the case, denied.
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