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Your Name: sirnarc

Accused Staff Member: Jessixa

Involved users
Cygnus, Jessixa

Date & Time (GMT): 25/8/20 @ 5 min GMT

Abuse of Power? and/or Infringement of the rules?
Abuse of power

Explanation and Evidence
Jessixa revealed on a public thread some tools for the admins as well as revealing the bigger picture of how the anti-DA system works on FL. Careless behaviour, I don't trust my private information with this person. 

[Image: WTLAnDS.jpg]
There has been some speculations from the underground members of FL wether or not the admin tools account for family share. There was never proof or determined however. Jessixa did the work for them... How is this person trusted. Nevertheless, not being able to handle admin sits, now this.
It is common knowledge that we can, and have checked for family sharing in the past. It's something available freely in the Steam API, which means that you can run the exact same check that we do. It's not some hidden secret power that admins have, and thus this is not abuse.


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