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Steam Name: OTA:SR5.EPSILON-84473

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:86900379

BanID: 83461

Ban Reason
Crashing server - Extended by Falc

Staff Member: Flame

Involved users
A lot of people

Why should you be unbanned?

So where should I begin on this case. First of all he would like to apologise for what happened as he never got the chance to explain himself, all that simply happened is he accidentally pressed his macro key when he had the Q menu open. It was unfortunate which is why he asked Violet De Kittie to continue the case once again on the rooftop. From here it happened again, now it may sound intentional but I can assure you that my client is  completely innocent and I cannot stress it enough. 

Not only ontop of that he has been given a harsher punishment of a SIX day blacklist which is completely outrageous, who in gods name thinks that my client will return in TWO YEARS time to accidentally set off his macro again. After this experience he has since removed this bind and will not use it again.

Subsequently because of the declining Fearless Roleplay playerbase, I would see it fitting that my client be unbanned on this misunderstanding but instead keep his blacklist on this condition. I believe although it was a complete accident it cannot go completely unpunished which is why I am offering a deal that my client get unbanned on a last chance warning and be placed on a hefty "pte" blacklist.

Moreover my client is also a long standing member of the community who has shown his loyalty even through the hardships Fearless has gone through, which I believe furthers the strength of this case that he should be unbanned on the condition he keeps his blacklist and be placed on last chance.

Kind regards,
Alfred Chadwick
[Image: alfred.png]
This brings a tear to my eye.

Thank you, Mr Chadwick.
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