[ EVENT ] 2020 Emmy Award
Why are the event always on saturday when evryone is chilling :/
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I'll Be your Host! The Big Shooooooow!
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I'd just like to say these are the most odd nominations for all these categorys.

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How did I get nominated to Most active player of 2020? lmao

I haven't been online in the past 2 months hahah.

Also.. Vote for me!
Oh bollocks... I lost my Signature!
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Thanks everyone, for voting for me. Althought it means I have a very sad life still got 100k and a gopnik suit so thanks gamers, I'll be sure to epicly roleplay with them
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Emmy Award 2020 Winners 

Aggressive of the year - Joe Joe

Organisations of the year - Estleback Corporation

Best Roleplay of 2020 - EBC Alcatraz Prison RP by Moly

Best Roleplayer - Taxi58

Event of the year - Trabant Tyreball by Violet Kittie

Most Active of the year - SnowFlame 

Congratz on these winners ! It is a huge milestones for them as well as an achievement of their work!

Feel free to share screenshots of the event 

See you next year !
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mr evo didnt win best event its a sham
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I'll be getting all the Emmys next year Wink

Best wishes,
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