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Using the N-Word

Staff Member: I have suspicions, no knows.

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Why should you be unbanned?
I apologize for what I said in the discord server, the N-Word. It wasn't used as a joke or in casual conversation. The word was contained in a question, simply quoting and asking whether or not JoshuaZ had said the word after RichardB said that he got banned. I know people has said this word to RichieB numerous times so my mind jumped to that conclusion after hearing a member of FL got banned. It was a mistake, of course, not converting the word of thought to abbreviation. Ive never used the word before, even privately. It was a tired mistake and I apologize.

Would like to point out that I've donated almost £20 to a BLM organisation.
Hi Narc,

It was me that banned you as we now have a 0 tolerance on using the n word. Clearly you are either A. Memeing your unban request or B. Practicing your nouns and adjectives.

Thanks for the unban request but it hasn't even been 12 hours since the ban was placed.

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