Forum don't work?

I was wondering why i dont have a blue name on the forum+ why i cant see my clan name on the picture? can someone help me please ? 
i have EVRYTHING right in the profile settings????
If you don't have a blue name that means you never bought donator however I see you have donator, you might have linked your wrong steam profile to your forum account or you didn't activate your forum account by email I'm pretty sure
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Hello Art,
I would try Raxo’s recommendations first for receiving donator on the forum and if it still doesn’t work, let us know.
In regards to your clan not showing on the signature, this feature doesn’t work particularly well. You can try remaking your signature and seeing if it loads.
I don’t even think mine shows that I’m in a clan!
Hope this helps
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Hello Artjom,

I've looked you up in our ACP to confirm whether you are a donator or not, from what I can see you are not a donator.
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Can you confirm that your steamID is STEAM_0:1:548254554?

Concerning the clan showing in the signature tool, I believe that the signature generator has not been updated since FL changed to a newer clan system. It used to be a command where you could set anything as your clan, perhaps the signature tool is still trying to query the old database values for this. I do not have access to this and thus I can't verify if this is correct.
STEAM_0:1:548254554 is my steam ID yes, and i just saw my donate rank is over gona buy a new one.
If this issue is now resolved. I will get this thread closed.
I will leave it 24 hours for a new response.
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Hey art are you still having this issue?
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It is fixed now thank you!
Glad the issue is resolved, thread closed and moved.

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