Steam Name: Immo

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:12675924

BanID: 73593

Ban Reason

Staff Member: SnowRedWolf

Involved users
A few people, however long time ago.

Why should you be unbanned?
Posting on behalf of Immo
I joined a friends Gmod private server, which contained an old version of FL:RP. Shortly after, I was banned by SnowRed.

I did play on there a little, and advertised the server to one (!) friend, which sent my chat to an SA, which had me banned.
This is many years ago, and I realize that advertising an stolen gamemode was wrong. I guess I was just naive. I had approx. 2000 hours on FL, and even though I was banned many years ago, I still visit FL:RP forums as a guest, just to see how things develop. I miss FL nowadays, and would like to get back to play again, knowing what I did was wrong, and that I have matured over the time. I am very much aware that I brought myself into this, but I would like another chance to prove that I have matured, and that I can contribute with alot of fun and engaging RP's again.

I sincerely apologize for my mistakes. What I did was wrong.
Hello Immo,

I will bring this ban into a discussion with the team, and speak to Snow about it.

Thanks for posting a UBR.

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Hey Immo,

What you did was of course not acceptable, you asked people for suggestions for the server and asked how to make it less FL-looking.
Considering how old the ban is, I'd have no objections of you returning, but in the end it is up to the staff team.
After discussion with the team, we have decided to unban you on a last chance for 6 months. Your actions were naïve, however, this was 4 years ago, and you deserve another chance.

Welcome back! Smile

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