Jimmy's Diner!
Welcome to Jimmy's Diner!
We've been serving food since 1968 and we're not planning to stop.

[Image: 6ImDpGf.png]

At Jimmy's Diner we serve:
Premium Jimmy Burger's
And more!

Here's a tour around the building:
[Image: Td5RwrX.png]
This is what you see when entering the building.

[Image: TIdX3c3.png]
We have almost 50 year old decorations in our Diner!

[Image: oG4w5XW.png]
This is our new employee Bill Marston in front of a 62 year old Fender Guitar!

We will be open all week so hope to see you all around!
                                                                               [Image: goNJcnD.png]
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Looking forwards to being there!
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