Falcon's Mall- Copy & Print (Store)
Copy & Print is my favorite  place to go to since I make my own board and cards games. 
These get printed at Copy & Print. I focused my shop to be a copy and print center  with a green screen for  people who would like their pictures taken.

At this shop I have taken pictures a few people for  ID card Photo's, Couple picture and  group picture.
One client asked me to  follow outside to take pictures there.

On the  pictures you will see a sepperate  Computer screen. This  was the touch screen where I Rp wise  showed  the clients their  pictues before and after editting them.
For a some I went to edit their  pictures in real. (Shown on picture 2)
I gave the link to the Imgur of their pictures.

[Image: xHjDaOD.png]
[Image: VhvQvUU.png]
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