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hello fl members, it's been brought to my attention that this is long overdue, and i've been acting like a large cock a long while now, let me explain.

to begin with, i'm not saying that what i've been doing is exactly good, or i'm condoning what i'm doing as a cool thing cause it ain't.

i'm just gonna start this off with ye olde apology. i'd like to apologise to the whole community for my actions, but mainly staff, and community members which haven't exactly got off on the right foot with me.

okay so to start with mr forgee because i'm sure my whole toxic traits began showing around the time me and jim were joking around outside the tops, in ooc, and overall annoying this. no excuses for this other than i was having fun, understandably the people involved, were definitely not having fun, and for this i'd like to apologise to forgee, joe and tops staff at that time.

next moving onto the people which contain strong hatred with me, i'd like you all to get past this, and see me to act differently, understandably was a large cock in the past and purposely caused arguments. i don't wanna jeopardize my time here more than it clearly already is. ryan! or idiotboy, i'd like to apologise to you for bein a fat cock, i mean first of all, it's not necessary from me and is truly pointless. i couldn't care less what people think about me, but it's got to a point where i just can't speak in discord, and i am not victimising myself what so ever. 

next i'd like to apologise to the other staff which i've affected from this mainly jonas and ranger. i've been a dick to both of them, both in FL and in other discords and for this i do be apologising sincerely. this is mainly for jonas as i've given him a hard time over jhayw's recent ban. he was just doin his job and i took it to a personal level.

in conclusion if i've missed anyone please let me know and i'll do my best to undo what i've done wrong.

thank u, richie
richie the graphical god
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apology NOT accepted Angry
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Appreciate the apology man, nice to see you reflect on your actions. Thanks
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Don't apologise, just fix it and you're good
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You don't need to apologize to any staff people. Own who you are and be yourself. Be Richie and keep on doing you ;D You're not here on earth to please a g mod community and its admins lmao
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