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UBLR: Coyote Peterson
Steam Name: Coyote Peterson

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:93649398

BlacklistID(s): 103006

Blacklist Reason
Molotoving without sufficient reason

Staff Member: [FL] Divey

Involved users

Why should you be unblacklisted?
First of all I want to say sorry even if Iam right My behavior was not that correct I am now coming back to the server and want to open a new page after 6 months that I couldnt play because I got banned , I realy like the server in my heart  I even donated 10$ in the situation that Ive got banned I was a criminal and I threw a molotov on a shop because that  the owner of the shop didnt want to pay my gang the money he needs , we took from him protection money for his safety and he didnt pay , maybe I am right maybe I am not I realy dont know if the blacklist deserve to me but I just want to start a new page and start playing and just have fun and of course help fearless grow up.


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