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Lt. Jeff
Steam Name: Lt. Jeff

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:119291268

BanID: 82794

Ban Reason
Scamming and NLR Breakage

Staff Member: Jonas

Involved users

Why should you be unbanned?

Hey FL, It's been a while. These past couple days have been taking thought into consideration. I have received feedback from multiple different people. Some positive and some negative and even mixed. The main point is that I should've paid the 10k and Monkey shouldn't of overreacted about 2.5k. However, there's a lot to think about in this situation that me and Monkey has recently discussed on discord after we attempted at settling peace with each other. It was all at the heat of the moment, many things could've happened but honestly I don't need to put them in any UBR's regarding the situation. There's not much I can do, we've made mistakes and it's just no point defending. I apologise for the situation, honestly could've had a better outcome but it was all too short to think about. My ban is short, however I do want to discuss this on discord with Ranger or Jonas who were there at the time of the sit along with Monkey so we can talk about the entire situation from scratch.
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So after finally speaking with Jeff hearing his side and my side he agreed that he was in the wrong and knows what he has done i believe now that hes aware of what hes done he seemed so confused in the @ Sit and the situations however the points have gotten to him hes listened and realized what he did was not right and if he just paid me 2.5k extra none of this would of been an issue i feel hes done more than enough time for the mistake he made and i will positively +Support his unban

I Wish you very good luck on the unban request i hope you never make this mistake again.
Hello Lt.Jeff,

Me and ranger discussed this entire situation once again, and have come to the conclusion that you should just wait out your ban. There isn't that long left, and we hope this also helps you understand your mistake better - as it was extremely blatant.

Thank you,
Jonas & Ranger.
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