[Unofficial] Birmingham Rifles
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Saturday, Seventh of December, we were called into action by the prime minister of San Ranevo for clearing and authorizing the city from criminals and illegally armed personnel to contain a 100% safe environment for citizens.
We decided to set-up checkpoints leading into the city which restricted the criminals and the illegals from entering the city, which made the battle of us capturing the wanted individuals - a clear and a successful battle.
Speirs International & Unit 66 (SRU) could, therefore, hit the wanted individuals at their respective homes outside of the city. Speirs International had successfully captured a total of seven enemies, three were killed in action and four were arrested.
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Major Kevin Speirs
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I will clean this thread up. The clan thread is supposed to be for in-game purposes. If you wish to make complaints about anything, please do so privately than to cover the thread in a discussion. Thank you.
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So is it closing?
Fearless Administrator

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(12-10-2019, 05:20 PM)Ryan Wrote: So is it closing?

Haha nooo, announcement coming soon.
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Official announcement that Speirs International has been sold for $60.000.000 to a known man in San Ranevo, by the name of Kevin Shelby.

This deal means that the military organization has been renamed and restructured to Birmingham Rifles and that the political institutions will be targeted through a different approach and a stricter direction towards armed infantry.
The new Major, Kevin Shelby will now lead the men towards greater missions, that will make a mark in all the history books for the future.

Main post has been updated.
This is not a removal of Speirs International, it is an upgrade and a greater development to move closer towards our goal.
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A creative way to close a clan, good luck!
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Good old Birmingham.

Kind Regards,
Peter White

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(12-11-2019, 04:46 AM)Zombie Wrote: A creative way to close a clan, good luck!

He actually did the exact opposite though. Instead of opening a new clan, he changed it.
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Spoiler :
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