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Toyota Supra Issues

I've browsed 3 pages of help & support but I couldn't find anything related to this problem.
So I'll cut right to it. 

The mechanic is unable to modify the Toyota Supra and it displays an "ERROR" message
whenever you try to change the colours of the car or to modify the vehicle options. 
It's a weird bug and I thought I would place it onto the forums. 

Kind regards, 


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Hello Neversleepy,

If you want to get your Supra's colour changed as far as I'm aware you'll need an admin to re-colour it as the vehicle is very outdated and obviously doesn't work with the mechanic job.

I'm pretty sure the development team are aware of this issue but I could not find a bug report to be sure so if you like you could make a bug report here to try and get it fixed.
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Thanks Ducktard
Only has skins to change to.

Like Wilson said the 'Error' message may need to be reported to bug reports.

Hope we helped!
Fearless Teacher

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