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[ Event ] Emmy Award 2019
Name Of The Person You Choose To Nominate: [b]Speirs International[/b]
Category: Clan
Why do you think he / she deserve to be nominate ?:  They have done some really nice and good roleplay with even a Heli and a big ship. Very organized clan!
Voted By: [FL:RP] RiNO
Steam name of the person you choose to nominate: ([b][b]Speirs International)[/b][/b]

Your Steam name: [FL:RP] RiNO
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  • Jessixa
The event has been push further to December 14 as i have something else planned for November 30

We are almost coming to the end of the submission soon , once submission is close , you cannot submit anymore vote and the discussion begins with the Emmy Council member
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