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john jong
Steam Name: john jong

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:14212289

BanID: see below

Ban Reason

Staff Member: ghostkiller, forgee and awestruck

Involved users
john jong

Why should you be unbanned?
BanIDs: 82575, [b]81993, [b]81667, [b]81643.[/b][/b][/b]

Please do not ban this account I know its a DA however I have no ways of to make an appeal so I feel that this is the best way.

Hello anyone reading this UBR,

First of all, I did not hack and I know you have zero proof as you have said to me "Shadowplay your last few playing minutes" which I can't because I don't have shadow play setup and it has been months since my ban. It is also your job as the banning admin to collect evidence, not mine!

Another point is that I find it strange how the ban went from saying that you banned me ghost to now it saying console did (This can be seen in evidence 1.a and 1.b linked below). You cannot try and defend your self here that its some automated system or something because Captain Barry has recently permanently banned someone for the reason "ESP Hacks" yet this is still saying his name, very strange in my opinion. (Seen in evidence 2).

Lastly my final point is when this all happened it was a raid that was between the cops vs some "Gangsters" which was their job titles at the time, which was Grape and a few others, now the reason I mentioned grape is because I eventually killed him when he peaked a corner after the raid I ran away as I could hear them jump off the roof so I knew I was going to be rushed so I hid in the gazebo thing in park in hope that they don't find me which they did sadly which I also sprayed through the wall as I knew they were close and had found me since they were shooting at me which I believed did hit someone. I then saw they were all in discord and decided to join and ask a few questions such as "Who did I kill" etc then it turned out to be Grape. Which ngl I was quite happy about!

Also on the topic of the raid that happened on backstreet apartments a mere 10 mins before my ban, their job names were Gangster yet they had a fortified base stood there all with assault rifles just aiming down onto the road, now don't get me wrong a lot of people do this however not with the job title "Gangster" as IRL I don't think a gangster would be sat on a roof of an apartment building in a heavily fortified base with an assault rifle.

Now I will add just a tad more onto this about the fact I was banned with no evidence apart from the fact I killed grape, does this mean if you kill a staff member then your automatically a hacker?

What I did was totally inexcusable however I was really enjoying the server at the time and missed playing on it, I was banned for no reason at all and with no evidence, I have had it confirmed by 1-3 admins that there wasn't any evidence. I would also like to add that the person I killed was Grape who I know has a bs vendetta against me over something that is not true and then Ghostkiller banned me who was then demoted for corruption... funny that.
If you look at evidence 3 you can see that ghostkiller just denied my last appeal which was months ago without saying anything just "Denied" which is ridiculous. I would like to point out that at any time I was DAing I was never on to harm people or break rules simply just go about my day talking to people or RPing as a cop, if I did harm anyone or cause mischief then I am very sorry and do regret it to this day. I would love to return to FL one day as it was really fun when I was playing on there.

Thank you for reading my UBR if you do have any questions feel free to leave them below,
Many Thanks,
John Jong.

Spoiler :
[Image: 4Ua10Zd.png] 

Spoiler :
[Image: 2cigrLZ.png] 

Spoiler :
 [Image: T35iMUo.png] 

Spoiler :
[Image: nSCkfXH.png] 

Again please dont ban this account I have no other means of appealing my ban.

Remember this ban clear as day, was at apartments ghosted and watched John Jong spray at 3 different people at different angles instantly switching from head to head and tracking through walls (was so obvious I couldn't believe how stupid he was to use it) . This was after an @ call was raised that they thought someone was cheating (John Jong).

If this was a FailRP or RDM ban i'd say give him another chance but I personally have a zero tolerance for cheaters, if ya'll want a hacker on your server feel free to unban him.

Good luck with the unban!
Due to these being multiple bans, you will need to make a UBR for each of them.

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