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THOR, trippydom
Reported User(s): THOR, trippydom

Reported User's SteamID: See below.

Date & Time (GMT): 8/10/19 @ 19:50 GMT

Summary of the incident
Accused Players:
- THOR (STEAM_0:1:64604504)
- trippydom (STEAM_0:0:506640489)

After the Vice President told me that he was being harassed in his apartment by two rebels, I responded to investigate.
Upon arrival, I put the two suspects under gunpoint and told them to face the wall. They did not comply and much rather made fun of it.
In the end, I had to taze them, which ended up in one suspect killing the other one, who was tazed on the ground.

This is clear breakage of FearRP and showing absolutely no respect to any rules.

[Image: IOXHKVW.png]

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