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AUGUST 14, 2019 - Breach Day
Breach Day
Listen to this song while reading

[Image: 190813093358129739.png]
When the first incontrovertible proof of extra-terrestrial life coasted to a stop in the skies over Evocity United States the world watched with bated breath for the first sign of the aliens intentions instead nothing happened.

[Image: 19081309335836779.png]
For three months, it's simply hovered over the city. Until on June 3rd 1982 American authorities cut their way into the spacecraft and what they found was shocking.

[Image: 190813093358399362.png]
The creatures aboard were malnourished, aimless and lived in squalor.

[Image: 190813093359105066.png]
Under tremendous international pressure the United States government ferried these nonhumans to a temporary refugee camp but amidst riots, interspecies crime and several destructive acts this camp known as District 9 quickly became a slum and then an internment Center.

[Image: 190813093358965485.png]
After 20 years of rising tensions when public pressure to move District 9 away from Evocity finally reached the breaking point, the government relented to oversee the forced eviction of 1.8 million nonhumans.

[Image: 190813093359381271.png]
The government of the United States turned to a private corporation: Multi National United.

[Image: 190813093359651563.png]
Founded in 1965 as a manufacturing company, within two decades they had expanded worldwide rebranding itself as Multi National United the same year as the aliens’ arrival.

[Image: 190813093359950790.png]
It soon spread into numerous industries involved in everything from telecommunications to nanotechnology.

[Image: 190813093400226873.png]
It was the MNU involvement in the privatization of police services however that made the company a natural choice to relocate the inhabitants of District 9.

Data Unavailable.
Already the exclusive provider of law enforcement services in Evocity, Multi National United operated a large contingent of armed contractors often referred to as mercenaries by critics.

Data Unavailable.
These forces made use of military-grade small arms, armored personnel carriers, helicopters and even surface-to-air missile systems.

[Image: 190813093400490215.png]
The first reaction battalion is the most controversial element of MNU security force, frequently placed in dangerous situations but alleged to have conducted numerous atrocities against nonhumans and often employing lethal force.

[Image: 190813093400771307.png]
Consequently their activities are often met with protests and demonstrations.

[Image: 190813095030885661.png]
Under the oversight of MNU department of alien affairs at 9:00 a.m. on September 8 2013, private security forces and MNU agents entered District 9 and began serving their eviction notices.

[Image: 19081309340139550.png]
The operation was chaotic from the outset with numerous deaths among both MNU staff and non humans alike.

[Image: 190813093401312021.png]
While the eviction and relocation of the nonhumans was conducted ostensibly to improve the living conditions in Evocity, in reality MNU, was far more interested in obtaining as much of the alien technology present in District 9 as the situation permitted.

[Image: 190813093401577019.png]
Advanced weaponry was of particular interest to the company who had long attempted to reverse-engineer various armaments but were unable to proceed due to the devices inoperability in human hands.

[Image: 190813093401860572.png]
Multi National United received an unexpected boon when its CEO Dirk Michaels came into contact with a biological agent of alien origin.

[Image: 190813093402130294.png]
The substance mutated his tissue and enabled him to interact with alien technology during several successful tests of weaponry within MNU.

Data Unavailable.
Dirk managed to escape finding refuge in District 9 before returning to MNU with an unidentified non-human collaborator in a series of running gun battles. Dirk destroyed a large section of the facility before retrieving the biological agent and again fleeing to District 9.

Data Unavailable.
Now the subject of a citywide manhunt, MNU forces descended on the camp, engaging in fighting with both local criminal elements and reactivated alien technology.

[Image: 190813093402414498.png]
In the confusion, an alien craft managed to dock with the mothership above, triggering some kind of response that so this massive ship leaves the Earth's atmosphere to the jubilation of the crowds below.

Data Unavailable.
In the aftermath of this crisis, the illegal biotechnology programs of MNU were exposed but then quickly suppressed.

[Image: 190813093402689136.png]
District 9 was demolished and the resettlement operation completed.

[Image: 190813093402950819.png]
Multi National United now in control District 10 and its rapidly growing nonhuman population is free to operate with reduced oversight and public pressure.

[Image: 190813093403229261.png]
It can only be assumed that the company is still working to unlock the secrets of alien technology but whether their intentions are malevolent or benign can only be guessed it was said there were many secrets in District 9 and the same must be true of District 10 as well.

[Image: 190813095030659937.jpg]
Regarding the fate of Dirk Michaels, this is now pure speculation: either Dirk was captured by the MNU, US Government, another government or some sort of shadow organization and is held in captivity, either Dirk has been killed/wounded when missile striked District 9 during the manhunt and is still hidding in District 9, either Dirk deserted District 9 when the alien craft managed to dock with the mothership and survived the missile strike.
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