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Hang on, didn't you get bought out?

I smell securities fraud, disgraceful.

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Good evening, EvoCity!

Today marks the return of the EvoCity Broadcasting Corporation (or EBC for short, not to be confused with the Estleback Corporation) after nearly nine months of a hiatus, we soon plan to return fully operational to EvoCity and it's citizens in order to make the facts known. The last time you heard from us, we were just acquired by Vantiago Incorporated and had our staff assimilated into their media branch, however, Mr Mark Mallett departed from the company after a while to fulfill other personal commitments, and the rest of the employees of the media team from EBC eventually left as well. This happened in 2019.

Now it's 2020. The world is changing, uncertainty is high, and fake news is rife. With the news industry in EvoCity and her surrounding cities returning to serious inactivity, Mark Mallett saw fit to return there to rejuvenise the industry once again. After a discussion with Mr Deacon of Vantiago, EBC was spun off back into its own company and returned to independence from a parent company, and is now readying up to start it's second stint of existence, hopefully lasting a lot longer than the first one.

With this, several changes are coming soon; a new logo, main page layout, and employee structure is coming soon. This cannot be achieved alone, and we ask that if anyone has an interest in joining us or bettering their own skill set through us to go ahead and contact Mr Mallett through the appropriate channels. Additionally, an application system will be provided soon for those who are interested. We plan to be fully operational and have all of these upcoming changes completed by 8 May 2020, so stay tuned!

We seriously cannot wait to get back to reporting the latest to you and making the facts known.

Thank you
EvoCity Broadcasting Corporation
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We're hiring journalists and photographers from today! If you're interested in making the facts known, please get in contact with us; the more the merrier.
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Steam Name: DramaLlama
Steam ID: 76561198297055869
Hours: 270 hours
Name: Wilter Woot

What field are you applying for?: Journalist

Why do you want to join EBC?: I have seen lots of problems in Evo City that people need to know about. I, as an ex-criminal myself, know how to get into the mind of these people. I can get into the mind of the lowest of the low, giving a unique perspective of journalism to the table. The word just needs to get out there.

What can you bring to EBC?: My criminal past will add something unique to my journalism but that is not all. I also bring a sense of... ruthlessness to the table. Doing anything to get the story, including putting my life on the line. Oh... also A level English writing skills I guess.
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(05-16-2020, 07:00 PM)DramaLlama Wrote: -snip-

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Your application is under review by the management team of EvoCity Broadcasting Corporation, please sit tight while your application is being reviewed. A conclusion will be announced within 72 hours.

Thank you.
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Today, EvoCity Broadcasting Corporation has gained a new member with a new perspective in the form of Wilter Woot (DramaLlama). We're very glad and lucky to have gained Mr Woot and are looking forward to the news stories and other media he brings onboard for EBC!

Application accepted, Wilter Woot!
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We at EvoCity Broadcasting Corporation have a few announcements to make before the month of June is out!

Firstly, we have a slightly updated logo that no longer has a white background, this updated design was presented to us by an average citizen who took it upon themselves to better us in a small way, and for that we thank them very much. This version will be used in all future EBC posts and articles from now on.

Secondly, we have decided to focus completely on our news branch and we will only be releasing EBC News content from now on, not that this will make much of a difference, but it is an official change in our direction from a media company to a news company. We will retain our existing name however, and the EBC News trademark, however instead of it being our main product, it is now our only product.

Finally, this month has been a good month for us as it seems Vantiago and its Pravda have fallen behind this month. This graph should explain why:

[Image: unknown.png]

A bit of friendly competition would be nice every once in a while!

To finish off, we at EBC would like to thank anybody who has read and "liked" our articles, it means a lot and keeps us going, knowing that we're being positively received. Coming up soon is our first anniversary too, so that should be a nice milestone to look forward to.

Thank you,
Mark Mallett
President of EvoCity Broadcasting Corporation
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Dear Mr.Mallet,

In this statement you've proven why EBC will never be at the top. We never compare ourselves to anyone because we are the best, everyone knows it and we never need to prove it. However I'll keep an eye out for your next 8 page bore where you review a gun store or tell me what type of cheese represents my personality; yawn. Quality over quantity dear boy

The only media magnate people really care about,
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