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Reported User(s): SiRNARC

Reported User's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:71370062

Date & Time (GMT): 9/7/19 @ 01:26 GMT

Summary of the incident
Had job as "Thug". Drove to Industrial tunnel, to the outside of it at connectivity road where some citizens with jobs as Construction worker was doung stuff. I drove in their cones so they froze their props and i crashed in one sign so it got destroyed. All happend in slow speed, of course. Then this dude pulls up with his deagle or something and emptied his clip on me in my car. Was not possible to him him with the car as he was behind cover so i was no threath either. This happend 01:26 gmt +2 i think.


Sorry for crap video, but i had some troubles with it, but it shows me in my car, with thug as job, destroying the sign and he coming and killing me. This can also be confirmed in the logs. Panda can confirm this as we spoke on Discord.
Hello ma'am

You had been ramming into our cones and signs for like 25 minutes prior to this, disrupting our job and endangering our lives. You even injured me and possibly other people with your car. As you can see in the video I was located behind the sign when you rammed into it, endangering my life. And as it was intentional (for like the 58th time) I was protecting me, my colleagues and our workplace. I acted accordingly to the guidelines within our company, Wilson & Sons Ltd. where it clearly says we have to protect our employees, our owner, ourselves and our equipment used on our jobs.

It was a decision I made in the moment as you got known to ram fast and hard into our workplace.
With your experience you should know that violence should always be the last option. The way I see it, you could have called the police after the first time he rammed your cones.

The accused will be issued a blacklist.
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