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Steam Name: 8bitmafia

SteamID: STEAM_1:0:84934613

BanID: 82277

Ban Reason

Staff Member: Joe Joe

Involved users

Why should you be unbanned?
I was basing with the Corleones and the swat busted in, but just as they were breaking in an admin flew in and removed my prop with the remover tool. The swat then broke in and blew up all the contraband. I was getting pissed, like I should, in an effort to get a fair chance during the raid. Ryan was the one who removed my prop and said it was in the way, it was probably sticking through the wall. But instead I started getting arrested by Joe Joe, which I think had no idea what I was talking about. Then he went on about how I started to break FearRP whilst I ran away with his gun at his side, how am I supposed to have fear when the man isn't even point a gun at my face? Anyways he got angry and banned me without taking anything into consideration, 2 days for an infraction that had much to do with his personal convictions rather than the infraction I believe.
--| Denied |--

During the sit you were completely ignorant to the present rules. Breaking FearRP twice even after being warned not to do it. Your prop was removed by another admin on scene because upon breaching the facility you placed a new wall to stop us another violation in which you are lucky you were not punished for. The 2 day ban will remain.

Joe Joe
Joe Joe
Fearless Administrator

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