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[FL]:RP] Coffee
Steam Name: [FL]:RP] Coffee

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Staff Member: [FL] Forgee

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arny, forgee

Why should you be unblacklisted?
This is blatantly bending the rules to benefit your situation.

I was a corrupt, who accidentally caused a car crash leading to the injury of another officer. So to cover up the situation I arrested [FL] Sir Shkreli Of Canterbury who was the driver of the car that hit arny. 

This is a very valid thing for a corrupt officer to do as they do not want to get in trouble for what the did.

Powergaming is "Powergaming is when you misuse roleplay actions in an attempt to force a RP to take a certain direction, or when you attempt to force another action on a player or dictate their actions or if you do something that gives you an unfair advantage such as changing your job for the sole reason of buying yourself items or to join a raid."

Not arresting some one as a corrupt officer.

Also directly quoting form the definition from the corrupt officer section; " although you are corrupt you still don't want to lose your job by being reported". Hence the reason why I pinned the crime on you to prevent me form getting blamed by the sergeant or the president for this crime.

The definition of corrupt states that you do dishonest things for personal gain.

I arrested an seemingly innocent man - Dishonesty

I did it so I would not get blamed for the incident - Personal Gain

Spoiler :
[Image: dzRMnyQ.png]

I do not see what the problem is.

Instead of dealing with the situation In character like a normal player you instantly took to @chat and local ooc to complain. You also never put me in a proper admin situation and blacklisted me without warning and hid the command from chat.

Plenty of corrupt officers and even regular officers do things like this and no one ever gets blacklisted for it.
We talked over @ chat for a few minutes there was no need for an @ sit.
I was driving perfectly fine when you kept break checking me so I overtook you. You then decided to smash into me at 40 something mph causing me to spin out and hit Arny. I moved my car off the road, called a paramedic and tended to the wounded. You then arrested me.

You were not "covering up your crime" as arresting me would not stop you getting demoted and would probably go against you in that case for wrongly arresting me. You could have ticketed me instead of arresting me also.
Fearless Administrator  |  Event Manager

[Image: source.gif]

I wasn't brake checking you, I was driving slowly as I was lagging,

When I entered the city, I had a large lag spike as the server was very populated causing me to hit you by accident.

When I realised I caused the accident, I arrested you to frame you because;

A) As an officer I could have been reported by you and demoted for reckless driving or manslaughter

B) My Character is corrupt and aggressive (As stated in my description at the time) causing him to make rash and poorly judged decision on the spot to cover things up

C) This is a valid thing to do, especially when RPing as a corrupt officer

D) Ticketing you would be absurd, why would you get a fine and not go to jail for hitting some one with your car

E) I'm more likely to get demoted for vehicular manslaughter than arresting an "innocent" man

F) Its not power gaming

You made no attempt to RP the situation, you went straight to local ooc then @ chat after getting arrested. You could have;

A) Attempted to pay me off, as I'm a corrupt cop, and my actions made it obvious

B) Asked to see my sergeant before getting arrested, instead of complaining in looc

C) Contacted the sergeant or president while in jail

D) Contacted the sergeant or president after getting out of jail

Power gaming is mentioned in the corrupt cop guidelines; however that is for planting evidence. I did not plant evidence, I arrested you for a genuine crime because at the end of the day you hit someone with your car.
As per unblacklist rules, rule 6 section c states that this should now be approved.
Approved rule 6c
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