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Gamemode Government Demotions
Title of Suggestion: Government Demotions

Make it so that when a player is demoted from the government they can't just rejoin it as a different role in the government until the cool down for the job they got demoted from is complete.

It just makes no sense when, for example, an SRU unit gets demoted and then suddenly becomes SRU sergeant after being demoted. I have seen a player constantly mic spam and getting demoted over an over again but just rejoining as a different government job.
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I have an odd feeling the player who kept rejoining to mic-spam was me lol.

OT: +Support, it only makes sense as it’s currently open to bypassing.
[Image: bbe.png]

-support, I know its a loop hole but if I want to be a paramedic then I should be allowed to even if a second ago I was demoted from the Police force. Mic spamming is a rule break and should be dealt with by staff. Nothing to stop other people from role playing as a completely different character in a different job
Kind Regards,
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Big +Support
+support, i've seen people abuse this with police officer and police sergeant.
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Thanks to Envy for the signature.
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+support, makes perfect sense

[Image: PywvXUS.gif]

I'd have a bit more complex solution:

If a player gets demoted by the Police Sergeant / SRU Sergeant, they just won't
be able to return as a Police Officer / SRU Unit (or sergeant if the old sergeant has left their job)
If however the (Vice) President demotes a player, they won't be able to return as any government job.

I still see your point, so it's a +support nonetheless :)
Kind Regards,
Fearless Developer
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