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Gamemode Rubble/Wreckage/Debris
Kind Regards,

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Signed, Mr.Ranger
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Anything that enhances rp is good
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(04-13-2019, 04:25 PM)TASSIA710 Wrote: Definitely a good idea in terms of overhauling the fireman job.

I would say however these blockages only appear when there is a fireman online
and disappear if they haven't been removed by a fireman within 5-15 minutes or the fireman changes job.
So +support from me.

Yet I think that firemen still need more to do, even with your suggestion.
Some ideas that have quickly come into my mind:

- Make them able to perform first aid (stopping the bleeding, not reviving)
- The walls of some houses are able to catch fire (similar to the forest fires)
- Forest fires and house fires can only be extinguished using fire hoses that are connected to a hydrant or the fire engine
idk, suggest more

Probably hard to implement, but the fireman job could be way better than it is now in my opinion.

And let's swap out the current Fire Engine.
It has a too bad handling to be called a Fire Engine at the moment. (my opinion)

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Kind Regards,
Fearless Developer

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