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The Fearless Pravda #30

[Image: onzhHMg.png]

The Kul Plot
[Image: b49bf889f1f97adf5abbe83979099505.png]
Following the leadership of the 'Waite Administration' citizens have felt the growing hardships of increased tax, limited rights and general lack of trust or enjoyment in the place they once called home. However there is only so much the people are willing to take before they stand up for themselves. Numerous groups of different backgrounds and beliefs came together recently to form an alliance like never seen before. These groups ranged from the rebellious workers to the aristocrats with one aim; to restore democracy. This group uniting under opposition leader Tasar Kul set out an intricate plan to remove President William Waite from office. The group which is believed to have had UN assistance used an inside informant to gain information and track the president. This tracking was costly however after planning, arming and hunting William Waite was caught by the group in which caused damage to Mr.Waite and his vehicle as well as his forced abdication. The result of this coup saw the rising of President Kul, the president the people wanted. So far under the leadership of Mr.Kul taxes have fallen by 30% and restrictions placed on businesses lifted. We hope Mr.Kul prospers as the rightful leader of EvoCity.

The First Rule of Fight Club...
[Image: 1cf3eb50315be9729c871cc5f83af2f5.png]
EvoCity opened its door to some what a debilitated Fight club recently. The club saw numerous members of regular EvoCity society wearing the gloves to challenge an opponent in an attempt to win a grand prize. The club saw blood, bruises and maybe a bribe here or there. The club which is believed to been working without permit from the government hosted numerous events in rapid succession with one contestant being dragged off before the other thrown in. The club had some strict rules however with no assault on the spectators or the  fight or the use of any form of body armour. However it was believed that many did. The clubs last fight before bankruptcy saw all willing contestants battling it out for the title of champion with only one in the end taking home the $25,000 prize. The club closed after the competition before any form of government forces were able to interject and stop the illegal fights, as of yet none of the contestants or hosts have been found with no statement being released from the government.

Shkreli Antiques
[Image: 1d5a688f3d4622894e5788998640b1d9.png]
Entrepreneur, millionaire and socialite Joe Shkreli recently ventured into a new form of business recently opening what has become an ultra-successful antique store within EvoCity. The store sold items from ancient history as well as history closer to our time period. Ranging from the small to the large with values varying from as little as $100 to items worth over $100,000! The store regularly restocked with priceless antiques from all over the world. Items within the store included the inauguration sword of prince Puyi of the Imperial Japanese controlled state of Manchukuo during WW2. The store also included vases from the Ming dynasty vases with minor damages, something not many stores have been able to achieve. Some question the legitimacy of said items however Mr.Shkreli who has a wide range of contacts informed us that "My wide network of acquaintances allowed me to pinpoint items of interest and get them over to EvoCity in no time, and all our items come with a guarantee of authenticity". So far the store has proven a massive success. Lets see whats in store next for Mr.Shkreli and is business ventures.

Federal Shooters
[Image: 7d067c10b2e01d94d14492db6600e21b.png]
The newest presidency of EvoCity has saw a new tactic put in play to decrease crime rate as the figures of government officials decreases. This tactic saw the employment of government bounty hunters. The bounty hunters which were employed in a wild-west esque style would be notified of targets within and outside the city borders and would be paid handsomely for the return of the target whether it be dead or alive! Many of the presidents political opposition saw this as a "failure of the state" with many criticising what they saw as a barbaric technique to bring back major criminals. The programme has currently been dissolved but during its operation it saw 2 major criminals arrested for their heinous crimes. Whatever your opinion on it is, it seems to have worked. But should more governments employ this technique?

C.E.L.L Laboratories
[Image: 3b42dd0e1ace2989d7648372f20f42cb.png]
With newly found funds the government with assistance from C.E.L.L Laboratories set up their most recent facility within the Nexus. The facility boasts some of the most modern scientific equipment and is currently working on what is described as 'Class V' weapons. The 'National Firearm Act' was expanded for this current project as of this current time 'Class IV' weapons which include Rocket Launchers and Dynamite were of too low classification for the newest weaponry being produced in the labs. We spoke to the head-research at C.E.L.L Laboratories who had this to say "While I cannot reveal too much about our current projects due to international strife we can confirm our 2 newest projects are capable of mass destruction in the wrong hands. Our weapons which for the sake of media we have nicknamed Alpha and Beta both have the capabilities to disintegrate carbon based species within 1 second and as the public showed, atomise a fishing vessel in seconds!". Quite an impressive achievement, but many pro-life activists question the value of the figures obtained in regards to disintegration of carbon based species to which the very open scientists at C.E.L.L had this to say "Our weapons have not been tested on any life form and these values are estimates from other Class IV weapons, we plan to test our weaponry on lab grown meat in the near future." The work of C.E.L.L has taken the interest of many and we cannot wait to see what they produce next!

We at the 'Pravda' would like to give appreciation to the artists who allowed us to create what you read before you. The list of talented people who made this possible are:

Writer: Joseph 'Vantiago' Deacon ([FL] Joe Joe)
'The Prestige Team': Director (Envy)
Photographers: Joseph 'Vantiago' Deacon ([FL] Joe Joe)

Feel free to follow 'The Fearless Pravda' on our Social Media sites listed below

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A 'Vantiago Incorporated' Production ©
Released: 31/03/2018

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The Fearless Pravda: #0030

Joe Joe
Fearless Administrator

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looks great lads, lovely job
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I thought they were legit social media links and tried to click on them lmao, looks great though!
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Lookin' good as always, Hoe Hoe :^)
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Credits to Awestruck
Looking good, best of luck

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Good Job! looking great!
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Always good to see news outlets covering what has been going on in-game, gives a record for times to come!
Kind Regards,
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a new level of epic
-richie x
I love the fact that you mentioned my bounty hunting technique during my presidency. Haha, great work on this.
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