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Reported User(s): 3xtreme

Reported User's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:65277114

Date & Time (GMT): 10/3/19 @ 16:20 GMT

Summary of the incident
He was salty he was getting arrested and i accidentally shot him (Not killing) when he was unarmed. We got called to the jails as someone was supposedly raiding, turns how they were trespassing in the jails. They ended up insulting me and my dear Agorith in OOC and voice and proceeded to break FearRP.

As the moderator Wolven also knows, Ghosts mic was NOT working. So I did NOT break FearRP
tbf Wolven did say that. I thought he meant it wasn't working at that time, not prior to that.
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In that case you're still guilty of insulting us alot in OOC form, which was entirely unnecessary.
Kind Regards,

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I'm confused regarding whether your mic was working or not. I would like a comment from Wolven.
Kind Regards,
Developer x Administrator

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Ghost's microphone was in fact not working during the @sit, therefore, we cannot establish whether or not it was working during the RP. My guess would be no due to the time in which this all took place as it was during such a small period of events that occurred.

Kind regards, Wolven
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I think then that it's safe to say that it's incredibly likely that Ghost's microphone was not working during the ordeal.

Kind Regards,
Developer x Administrator

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