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Steam Name: hg00098

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:180006068

BanID: 81991

Ban Reason
FailRP, Come back when you respect the rules.

Staff Member: [FL] GHOSTK1LL3R but Wolven did the talking

Involved users
Flexiblebread45, Fastfood9000

Why should you be unbanned?
I did not commit any of the FailRP reasons that were for my ban. Fastfood9000 has opened the door to the property with his fireaxe and the Flexiblebread45 had gone into the property and opened up the other door to reaveal the contraband inside. He then called the police and I had been standing outside the whole time. I was only banned because the moderator had thought I was annoying.
Hello Mr hg00098,

Within maybe 2 minutes of me responding to a call you broke 3 or 4 rules in which you were blacklisted for, after you had been spoken to you continued to disrupt the sit to the point where I had to move you away, GHOSTK1LL3R brought you back and I continued my sit with the others involved. You did commit failrp massively you raided as a fireman randomly interrupting someones roleplay and resulting in a raid from the police, upon me approaching you and the situation you were involved in you spammed your fire extinguisher and continued to do so after being told to stop which resulted in a blacklist, this was the same for physgun and toolgun afterwards. You knew fine well what you were doing and I advise against lying in the courthouse any further.
[Image: mZh9BKs.png]
As stated by Rickets.


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