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[FINISHED] Evocity Project Runway
He has been revealed !

We are proud to announce that Richard Bones will be joining Isabella Clifford & Madeleine Lajoie as the judges for Project Runway
He is one of the most hottest well-known celebrity , after his collection " Pure Rich " was release on the fall / winter of 2016 . We are very excited and happy to see Richard joining the ladies and being the judge for our competition show . 

All is left is one more....judge....
                                                                   [Image: IMG-20190318-113512.jpg]
Application Template 


Name: Victoria 'Juri' Lina
Gender: Femald
Age: 29
Date Of Birth: 3.1.1990

Why do you wanna join Project Runway ?:
Years ago my mum said to me I should make my own Fashion Company. I followed my dreams and started to design new fashion styles for myself. My mum said i should bring those fashion styles to the public. And I did it. Today my company is called "Victoria Fashion Industry". My models walk in New-York, Berlin, Budapest, Vienna and in many other Cities. Now I trying my luck in Evo-City. And with "Evocity Project Runway" I want to get famous in Evocity!


Steamname: [FL:RP] RoCKy
Signature: ☆Victoria☆
[Image: get.php?s=STEAM_0:1:174227314&b=12]
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It sure is a shame that I won't be able to make it to such an event! Best of luck to everyone involved! And keep Miss Lajoie's drink topped up, that way you'll keep her busy!


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The Project Runway competition event has been push to 7:30pm GMT( London )

The event will take place on connectivity road !
                                                                   [Image: IMG-20190318-113512.jpg]
Evocity Project Runway is now over
Congratz  to the winner ( in order )

First Place - Victoria Lina ( Rocky ) 
Second Place - Gary Whitehall ( Redpanda )
Third Place - Vanessa Joans ( Grizzly )

We will see you on season 2 !

OOC Note

Thank you to everyone who came to the event , thanks to the contestants, the judges, everyone who were involve in the roleplay
I am happy to host and try something new and promoting the roleplay the community . 
I would love to do  more of it in the near future , I hope you all enjoy it and i'll see you next time Smile
- Jessixa 
                                                                   [Image: IMG-20190318-113512.jpg]
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