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Ban wipe.
(Yesterday, 04:44 PM)Dimitris Wrote:
(Yesterday, 01:09 PM)Jan Wrote:
(Yesterday, 01:05 PM)Joe Joe Wrote:
(Yesterday, 01:03 PM)Jan Wrote: A diplomatic approach isn't ignoring the people that fight for change, it is listening to them. Judge a reply by its content not by its attitude.

It is truly funny how the ones that tell people to calm down and change their attitude are the ones that have never done jack shit for FL and are only in it for the lil' staff rank.

Man up and start working.

Attitude should play a major role in how a reply is made. If someone goes about it in a more diplomatic manor I'm willing to listen. Come screaming at me and you've lost my interest. Also I believe all those in the team are doing their bit for FL just by being here. However I do agree overall work does need to be done. But on the topic I don't feel a Ban wipe is the way about it.

The only ones that claim attitude plays a major role are the ones that feel hurt at anything that gets thrown at them. Like yourself.

You claim all staff members are doing their part yet it is not noticeable whatsoever, 50% of the team that truly want the best for the community is being held down by the other lazy half of the staff team.

Again man up and start working, otherwise just resign and get out.

Also wipe the bans, it worked out just fine the first time, and yes I know that better then 95% of you gentleman.

I've recently found out that Agorith was not even a part of the team when the first ban wipe took place. He said that there was chaos in the server and many bans were being handed out daily. When in reality there was no chaos what so ever. As Jan stated, it worked out the first time so why not try it again.

Lol just because I wasn't staff at the time doesn't mean I wasn't there and I suddenly imagined everything I said.

Jan's "95%" might be a bit off lol.
Not that I care, you're clearly always gonna be in favor of Jan's opinions over mine because you like him but you don't like me aha.

Anywhore, please quote where I said there was constant chaos in the server and many bans were being handed out?
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LeTs Be FriEnDs
well this is just one big pointless argument, once again you guys cant be civil and just discuss without throwing insults and just genuinely being children.

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