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[SELLING] Custom Dupe Market
Custom Dupe Market

Welcome to my dupe market, here I will post my creations for all to see and also take requests on new builds which will be custom built to the buyers request. All builds you see here are my own work and I enjoy to make these builds for others. 
(Please note that images do not portray the builds in the correct dimensions)

By purchasing any of the following dupes you agree that this is work of '[FL:RP] RedPanda' and also agree to not re-sell the dupes without the owners permission.

Make an Order
If you are wanting anything custom built by me either reply to this thread with info or add me on steam and message me what you want made.

If you have an interest in a dupe post your interest below or message me on steam or in-game. Prices are highly negotiable and mainly up to the buyer dependent on how much they want to spend.

Current Dupes
1. Modern Mansion/House - (80 props) - (0 Owners) - (Built for RedPanda)
[Image: BB184B66649D9BE660A19DCFB49C9B4F34C3042A][Image: 8F1E48CF8F8285EAD4E77BBE84581DA0EC703601]

2. Small 2 Storey Modern House - (37 props) - (2 Owners) - (Built for Kr33ze) - (Buyer gave me permission to sell more copys) 
[Image: 19B0371502256FE838DA29361D95E84BA889AE6E][Image: B49DAD989DCEC3271E35435C1D87A8600BD02432]

Current/Past Orders
1. Customer (Kr33ze) - Build Request (Small 2 storey modern house) - Status (Finished - Sold for $175,000)
2. Customer (Kr33ze) - Build Request (Modern Villa 2 refurbishment) - Status (Finished - Sold for $40,000)
3. Customer (Robert006) - Build Request (Casino with a wheel) - Status (Complete + Awaiting Collection) - Cancelled (User Perma-Banned)
4. Customer (Liam) - Build Request (Gun Store) - Status (Finished - Sold for $30,000)
5. Customer (Grizzly) - Build Request (Clothing store with changing room) - Status (Cancelled)
[Image: get.php?s=STEAM_0:0:87489469&b=12]
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  • ImTheRealSparks
I would like to purchase a dupe how should I go about doing this
[Image: 29ery28.png]
(03-13-2019, 11:12 PM)Grizzly Wrote: I would like to purchase a dupe how should I go about doing this

Hi Grizzly,

- If you would like to place an order you can either post it here or pm me. 

- If you would like to purchase any of the above dupes you can pm me to negotiate on prices.

Kind regards,
[Image: get.php?s=STEAM_0:0:87489469&b=12]

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