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Sentinel, Gralex
Your Name: Jamiek540

Accused Staff Member: Sentinel, Gralex

Involved users
Unsure of most of thier names

Date & Time (GMT): 30/1/19 @ 22:00 GMT

Abuse of Power? and/or Infringement of the rules?
Abuse of power

Explanation and Evidence
I was doing a passive RP with 2 other players for road maintanence in Nightingale Tunnel, I placed a few signs down on the side of the road to show diversions and to pre-warn people that the tunnel was closed. 2 Players both in vehicles went around purpously ramming down barriers moving all the props to simulate equipment, I called for a staff member whilest only noidz (who was busy in an RP) and sentinel were on, Nobody responded to it.

The 2 Vehicles started going around attempting to runover me and the other people rp'ing and they did successfully where I got revived by a police officer with a cpr kit and 1 of the vehicles ran me over again, I again called for staff and nobody responded.

To stop them coming again to CDM us again one of the people with us placed down a fence and we set the weight to 10k, Immediatly sentinel comes over removes the fence I try to confront him and ask him to do something about the vehicles mass cdm'ing and minging with our passive RP and he teleported back to his previous position again.

I was shot down by someone not sure why or who as I was still in the Passive rp, I tried driving through the zone that I died as it was the main route to access the lake to fish and I immediatly got a NLR spawn blacklist.

I believe that within this situation Sentinel is Liable for Negligence and possible Bias against sits also not Prioritising sits which have an ongoing Mass RDM/CDM'er

I died in the tunnel and I was quiet a distance away when I actually got the blacklist
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Hello jamie.

As you can see in logs you died two times the one you broke NLR rule was the one where you were killed by Denniskutje in tunnel Roleplaying as Construction men, you changed job to mechanic (As seen in the screenshot he is mechanic) then ran back to your last death position and then died again further from tunnel. the screenshot that is provided is not relevant to the case since it was your second death.

If check logs i typed in game on LOOC What are you doing?.  since you broke NLR you then ran off down the road. then blacklisted you. hence why you are away from your NLR zone because you ran off after i caught you. then had to type out the blacklist and that's why you are there when you died.

You also were not driving past, you stopped literally where you died for a couple of minuets. and that's why you got the blacklist.

as for the prop in the road, you were freezing props in the road and i told you to make them breakable and you did but then after i went back is a big fence that is not breakable or push-able for cars so i told you to remove it and you didn't so i did it for you.
I never froze the props I asked you if I could freeze them, this also doesn't explain why you completely ignored 2 mass cdm'ers minging about intentionally disrupting rp
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There was no action on any CDM here because Sentinel didn't actually witness any, he only witnessed the problems which arose from you attempting to use heavy props and breaking NLR. This is not grounds for an abuse case as Sentinel responded as soon as he could and acted properly upon what he witnessed. No evidence has been presented which suggests otherwise.

No abuse noted.
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