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Steam Name: MichaelE

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:68919521

BanID: 81410 8135

Ban Reason
Being OOCly disrespectful and propspam

Staff Member: Awestruck, Tomo

Involved users
i don't remember

Why should you be unbanned?
First of all im sorry, i know i had done a mistake, i really love this game and it sad that it turns out that way.
at that time i got banned, i had family issues, i was in a really bad mood so i threw my anger in the server and im really sorry about that. some players really got on my nerves, so i was disrespectful to them.
Its been 3 months since i last played, i learned my lesson. 
im really loving this game and i playing it for years, when i had extra money i allways donate to you guys.
i hope you will forgive me about the mistakes that i had done or maybe blacklist me instead.
Staff must either conclude or ask for further information within 10 days of the initial unban request post (OP). If not - unban request is approved and ban removed from your record. Within

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