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Ethan Belinsky
Reported User(s): Ethan Belinsky

Reported User's SteamID: STEAM_0:0:41244833

Date & Time (GMT): 10/1/19 @ 14:40 GMT

Summary of the incident
Key -

Ethan Belinsky - user a

Other user - user b

User a (Ethan) got into his car with a weapon in which I called the police over, user b dragged a ragdoll onto his car and ran away in which user a (Ethan) replied with "Get that guy out my car". User a proceeds to accelerate backwards and attempt to CDM user b in which both me and user b realised and stood still. User a (Ethan) then CDMs user b and drives forward without calling the paramedic, this is where the video ends.

well that what you get when you put a boddie on a criminal car, I gived you a warning and you dident complay an this end like this.
mate you are a minge so you comeing to me put a boddie on my car and you think you will get away with it that easy?

User has been found guilty of CDM.

9.1 Do not run people over on purpose (CDM), and always try to brake/avoid people on the roads. Call a paramedic (if available) when you've hit someone. The only exception to this being when you are in an active car chase, but you must call at your nearest convenience.

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