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Gamemode McLaren P1 Overhaul
Title of Suggestion: McLaren P1 Overhaul

Introduce the ability to use the electricity charging points on the McLaren P1.

As some of you may know the McLaren P1 is a hybrid IRL (it has a petrol engine and an electric motor) and I feel that you should be able to either use fuel or electricity to power the P1 (I understand this is not a simple task).

The alternative I would propose to this would be the ability to have an electricity reserve on top of the fuel already in the car, meaning that the car can run for a short while with no fuel and instead run on electricity (More in line with the real cars functionality).

These are only suggestions to further the capabilities of the P1, I can fully understand if people do not want this.

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+ support 
Always love to see realism
Amazing idea .. even tho i don't have a P1 and it will be hard in Police Pursuit RP and i love being an officer ... but

+support add new sound

[Image: mcGnHG2u.png]
+ Support
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Signed, Mr.Ranger
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Neutral, as cool as it seems it is kinda pointless tbh.
[Image: 2jmbT9C.gif]

Why not? the charging points are in place so it seems the obvious thing to do.

[Image: smUSITf.png]
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Just don't see the point in it.
Fearless Developer

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