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[$1MIL PRIZE] Miss Evocity 2019
One hour till showtime!!
[Image: pJtmS0K.png]
forum demarid to figlriliekr & exocithic
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sebasti161 productions is happy to sponsor the event
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Lots of minges, lots of bans
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There were some hiccups here and there from your average buzzkills, but the event went grand after the server crash.
A great event like every year before. Thank you to Lesanka, Avgar, the security and everyone watching over the event to make sure it went over as smooth as possible. Peggy enjoyed da show and the that sweet-ass after party.
[Image: 51T5VDb.png]
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Sorry for my absence, my computer was working and i've had to buy a new power supply.
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Great event! The after party took a turn aha. Hope to attend next year too!
Fearless Donator
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[Image: dcwyncr-8ca6dc7f-8686-4d61-a619-e6441a4ba6cd.png]

Really enjoyed this moment between Dobs and Josh at the after party.

Also really enjoyed chainsawing the dictator on the dance floor.
Signed, Mr.Ranger
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[Image: mZh9BKs.png]
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whens the video going to be released
(01-03-2019, 08:16 PM)Lesanka Wrote: Our celebrity judges will be [3/3]:
2.) Jack Law (JackZ) - Entering the world of showbiz is one of the biggest personalities of the casino business. (and some rumor the underworld) He's going to lay his brutal honesty on the contestants.

[Image: unknown.png]
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