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Electronics Engineering
I know it's rarity but I wonder if anyone else here is electronics engineer (not electrical engineer)...

you know...designing your projects with Spice Opus simulator, constructing circuits in Altium Designer, programming your circuits in Atmel Studio, TIA Portal or Quartus Prime and then debugging your project with bunch of oscillioscopes, function generators and stuff like that.. There's lots of unknown and heavy words in there, but in theory you just do lotta stuff with electrophysics, maths and programming....

I made several projects in past, if anyone wants I'll give you the schematics and circuit PCB with explanation how project  

My projects so far:
- Breath Alcohol Tester
- Digital Oscilloscope
- Switcher Power Supply (3V-15V)
- 2 different audio amplifiers
- High Frequency Diode Mixer (used in radio technology)
- Normal transformer Power Supply (220V -> 0-24V)
- Simple telephone (can only call and play 2 games on it that I programmed myself. Quite long and hard project)
- Automated Car Battery Charger
- Stopwatch, Timer and Alarm clock in one
- Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor module
- My own PLC (programmable logic controller, based on PIC16F88 processor and programmable in LDmicro PRO)
- and my very own Microcontroller (based on Atmega328 processor, programmable in Atmel Studio or Arduino IDE)
- (currently working on QPSK/BPSK modulator/demodulator but it's university project so I don't give single shit about it)

I could make more but I'm lazy and I keep playing games instead of that....
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this is very interesting, you have a great and fascinating hobby. I wish I could make those things.
I study Electronic Engineering at university so if you ever need help with anything hit me up!
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I work in mainly industrial engineering with TIA portal and beside that study electronics engineering combination with programming
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(01-07-2019, 12:25 PM)Weecow Wrote: I work in mainly industrial engineering with TIA portal and beside that study electronics engineering combination with programming

How many times per hour does your TIA portal crash  Tounge
Also I'm glad to see there's several of us out here in our natural habitat  Angel
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Not that much to be honest haha, V15.1 is only slow as f*ck Tongue
I started on Electronics Engineering on uni, and did 1½ year before I switched to IT Engineering. Used to utilize Atmel Studio and Quartus II aswell as PSoC Creator and more. At first semester our project was to program a car to drive a specific course using a combined light emitter and receiver with reflectors so the car knew how far into the course it was and would play different sounds with every checkpoint and switch between going forward and backward. We decorated our car with Arnold Schwarzenegger and programmable LED strips, aswell as two rotors mounted onto the car. In second semester my group and I made a coffee machine that would brew coffee for you for when you set your alarm, so you would have freshly-brewed coffee when you get up. Third semester we made a Portal-like turret, but with airsoft weapons.
                                                                                                           [Image: jjQxeVO.gif]
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