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Vehicle Test Request - Create
Name: [FL:RP] Create
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:87369477
DiscordID: Create#3414
Hours: 2812 Hours
Bans: 6 (2016)
Blacklists: 13 (2016)
Are you willing to give feedback about the test vehicles?: Yes.
Are you able to be honest about your feedback?: Indeed, my best interest is in what is best for the server,
Why you should be given access to the test vehicles: I believe that every little helps when it comes to development, and I wish to help, even if it means simply testing vehicles and items and giving feedback.I am always active on the forums and the server and so I will be able to help when needed, to roll out updates rather with little to no bugs.
Hello Create,

I am happy to announce that your application has been Approved.

Meet me in game to get access to the vehicles.
[Image: 533a101be37bce67d9d36015bba619c0.png]

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