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[Recruiting] [Unofficial] Kraken Private Military Company
_______________Alliance announcement_______________
After having talked to Lucas Andrew the director of SLYFI we have decided to form a alliance as both of our organizations are focused on security and we would to gain a lot by working together.

We look forward working together and hope for this alliance to stay.


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Looks good lads! Looking forward to seeing this progress!
[Image: lisa-kroll-black-polygon-deer_a-G-13717306-4986570.jpg]
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We hope to RP again with you guys! Smile
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Poor layout, however best of luck.
[Image: J5qGrm8.png]
I think that the first impression matters the most, so starting the clan with pretty much no work put into the graphics and the backstory was a mistake in my opinion. Best of luck with it tho.
[Image: TuSDCAD.gif]
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