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Vulpes Culture RP
Vulpes Cuture RP

[Image: cvtwlS2.png]


Vulpes  has shown its shrine after so many years. Already it caught the attention of a few people.
Thy lsitened to vulpes words and wer einspired. Ready to follow Vulpe's guidance.
With wise word from Vulpes, they started to gather more lost people who were seeking forgivenes.
Together they became the Vulpes Cult. helpign eachther, keeping  each and one of them safe.

After some wile under the ahrsh life of the Vulpes cult,
one of the girls, [FL:RP] SnowLet De Kittie, was trying to leave the cult and tried t convince  the others,
but they told the Cult leaders about  it.
She  recieved a propper punishment, but one of the  brothers  asked the leaders if he could take her place.
So Benny got burned and the girl also was nowhere to be seen.
besides this one crual act of Justice, Vulpes was mercyfull to the others who comitted this horrible deed.

Vulpes might be invisible to the eye to see, but she was there with us. Without words, without contact, Vulpes guided us.

All the people who were interested to worship Vulpes and/or visited the shrine:
Vulpes Worshipper: [FL:RP] Hostage (Leader)
Vulpes Worshipper: [FL:RP] Jessixmas (Leader)
Vulpes Worshipper: Benny
Vulpes Worshipper: [FL:RP] SnowLet De Kittie
Vulpes Worshipper: [FL:RP] Huskii_
Vulpes Worshipper: [FL:RP] John jong
Vulpes Silent Worshipper [FL:RP] ToxicSilverFlame
Vulpes Worshipper: Chrille
Christmas House Owner: Mr;Flaminator
Citizen: [FL:RP] Ryan Smile (Visitig the shrine)
Citizen: Lokva
Undercover Police officer: [G| ShepWolf] JaSch
President[/b ]: [FL:RP] mintblackbeard (Visiting president)
[b][b]Vice President: [FL:RP] Ratatokrr (Visiting Vice president)[/b][/b]
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Thanks for good rp.
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It's my first time doing a cult RP 
I'm happy to do it and it was a lot of fun Big Grin

Hope to do it again Big Grin
                                                                            [Image: IMG-20190709-103626.jpg]
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(12-14-2018, 06:40 AM)Jessixa Wrote: It's my first time doing a cult RP 
I'm happy to do it and it was a lot of fun Big Grin

Hope to do it again Big Grin

Oh Vulpes will show herself again Smile
Poor Girl Kittie.. She is innocent.. XD
Tbh thats was good rp, wish could do longer but i have leave early.. we should do next time the rp like this..
[Image: YBsmuE3.png]
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This Rp will come back. I hope to find a different location to place the Vulpes statue :p
That was so much fun!
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