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[Unofficial] The Loyalists
A Hideo Kojima Production...

[Image: latest?cb=20160508163650]
The Loyalists

The long wait is finally over, the Loyalists have arrived.

Originally formed in 1970 under the name of the "Evocity Disabled Party", The Loyalists have operated in the shadows to create a better world. We have fought and won time and time again against those whom are morally and objectively corrupt. The world has been formed in their ideals with their name only being spoken as hushed whispers.


1918 - Soulripper creates The Admins - A corrupt organisation who control everything.

1961 - President Madeleine Mccroon disobeys The Admins

1963 - The Admins  kill Madeleine Mccroon 


1963 - FL Gear Squalid 3: Operation Wife Beater

COCKS agent Naked Killroy (COCKS was a covert operations group affiliated with the CIA and lead by Major Cuban-Pete) is sent into Soviet Evocity to recover a Admin weapons designer and destroy a new Soviet super weapon "The Tummylicker", (Nuclear-armed tank )

Naked Killroy is stopped by The Jonas (Naked Killroy's apprentice)

The Jonas has defected to the FL staff team and given them a abuse bomb

The bomb is used on a Killroy-friendly Research facility by Lipgin( a power hungry Russian colonel who goes by the codename "4gee" )


Naked Killroy is told by Major Cuban-Pete (Leader of COCKS) the U.S (United Shaggers) that the Government was willing to revoke the charges in regards to any and all involvement in The Jonas' defection, under the condition that he accepts the follow up mission Operation Wife Beater

The U.S send Naked Killroy back in to Kill The Jonas and retrieve the stolen weapon "The Tummylicker"

whilst at the same time, aiming to prove they did not set off the Nuclear device.

Naked Killroy is assisted by TOMO (Unbeknown to Naked Killroy, hes a spy for Admin Toesuck Liberation Army, tasked with obtaining the Admin Legacy)

During this mission Naked Killroy has many encounters with Revolver "Masternoda" Ocelot - Later discovering he's a sleeper agent)

Naked Killroy discovers Lipgin has obtained "the Admins legacy" a 100 Billion dollar admin position

Naked Killroy Destroys the Tummylicker, Kills The Jonas and Lipgin and obtains half of the Legacy (in the form of "the teacher")


Naked Killroy discovers The Jonas was actually Loyal to the U.S and working undercover. The Jonas was set up and unaware the Admins wanted him dead.. He believed he was on a mission ( Virtuous Mission ) to acquire the Admins Legacy. He was given the Tummylicker, to give to Lipgin and earn his trust Unbeknownst to the Jonas, Lipgin had order's to use the Tummylicker. In doing so, the True-Hearts (Individuals who cared for the fixing of FL) were blamed for the attack! The CIA revised The Jonas' mission and named it "Operation Wife Beater". He was told, He would continue to appear a traitor to the U.S and allow himself to be assassinated by True-Heart Agent Naked Killroy

The U.S rename Naked Killroy "Big Boss" But he is Angered at the U.S, for having The Jonas labelled as a traitor, even though he was loyal and having him used to kill him!

Big Boss (Naked Killroy) Leaves his unit COCKS, shortly followed by Major Cuban-Pete.


1970 - FL Gear Squalid: Portable Ops

Big Boss (Naked Killroy) has been captured and tortured by his old unit COCKS (COCKS was taken over by Ratatoskrr AKA Sly-per and became a renegade group)

Whilst Imprisoned, Big Boss meets Green Beret James.

Big Boss escapes and learns the U.S is blaming him for turning the COCKS unit renegade and charges him with propkilling and RDM (due to strings pulled by the evil allies of The Admins), they also arrest Major Cuban-Pete!

Big Boss and James decide to create "COCKHOUND" (A unit to take down the remaining COCKS units, whilst clearing their names)

Other members of the unit include Revolver "Masternoda" Ocelot - Major Cuban-Pete - TOMO and Agorith Jaeger (A former COCKS agent)

Big Boss defeats Ratatoskrr, in doing so Ratatoskrr gives him all of COCKS units money, soldiers and plans to build their own military nation

It is then revealed that COCKS kidnapping Big Boss was set up by Ocelot and Major Cuban-Pete and that Major Cuban-Pete had manipulated Gene into going renegade

This was to lure the CIA's director out of hiding so they could obtain the Admins legacy

Ocelot kills the head of the CIA and obtains the Admins legacy and a list, naming all the members of the Admins.

Ocelot - Major Cuban-Pete and Big Boss use the legacy and their new army to reorganize what remains of the old "Admins" and creates "The Loyalists"

The Loyalists gain control of the U.S government and aim to fulfill the ideal of a unified server, that was envisioned by The Jonas and original members of the banter cause

Ocelot and Major Cuban-Pete decide to make Big Boss the face of The Loyalists


COCKHOUND is turned into an official Military unit


Big Boss is seriously injured

Major Cuban-Pete, fearful his legendary soldier will die, he uses somatic cell cloning and the various girlgamers of FearlessRP as surrogate mothers to create a clone of Big Boss

Major Cuban-Pete names this project "Les Enfants Epicstyle" a project designed to create the perfect gamer, mind and troll, using the genes of the "Greatest and Wisest Man of the 20th Century" - Big "Killroy" Boss.

The surrogates Jessixa and Kimmypanda produced Twins Liquid "Ranger" Killroy and Solid "Roy" Killroy

Both regarded as imperfect clones, so a third child was created using the body of Colonel James, after the nanomachines were melded with his body he developed the ability to shift forms between his body and that of Big Boss' - his name: "Solidus 'James' Killroy"

Solidus was regarded as the perfect clone of Big boss

To Prevent the clones falling into enemy hands and used against the Loyalists, each were given accelerated ageing.

With it been estimated they would Die early 40's and if needed, new clones could be made.

Big Boss is outraged at what Major Cuban-Pete has done

He also believes The Loyalist have corrupted the vision of The Original Trio and those he originally proposed to his valued, now deceased apprentice Jonas. He decides to revamp the Loyalists.

More of the Official Loyalists Timeline will follow...

The Official Killroy Discord:

This discord is used in-part for clan operations, it is not affiliated with this server besides from the one channel titled "#the-only-channel-affiliated-with-that-server".

[Image: 175px-Kojima_Pro_Logo.png]
Signed, Totalbiscuitfan99.

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He who does not cream inside shall forever be destined to a life of solitude.

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I know a good word, aesthetically pleasing but this aint that, sorry
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Kinds Regards
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(11-21-2018, 07:01 PM)Jordy Wrote: I know a good word, aesthetically pleasing but this aint that, sorry

I don't even know you sorry.
Signed, Totalbiscuitfan99.

[Image: WmIqGat.gif]

He who does not cream inside shall forever be destined to a life of solitude.

Good luck with the clan. Hope to meet.
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[Image: q3AgfkG.png]

We're ready to declare war and take over town.

Loyalists, move in soon. Over.
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veri nais
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Credits to Awestruck
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(11-27-2018, 03:40 PM)Jan Wrote:
[Image: q3AgfkG.png]

We're ready to declare war and take over town.

Loyalists, move in soon. Over.

Aye aye capt’n
Signed, Trooper Archer
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Signed, Totalbiscuitfan99.

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He who does not cream inside shall forever be destined to a life of solitude.

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This morning, at 1:19AM team Bravo managed to neutralize an important target. This is yet another step towards victory.

Our mission shall be accomplished. Join us or find yourself on the battlefield.

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