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( Finished ) Sing Your Heart Out Karaoke Competition
The RP was great, just uncool that someone threw a molotov.
But at the end we all went home with a smile after the performance of theise singers.
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  • Jessixa
I wouldn't type that: "Any attempt of ruining the event will result in bans by the admins 

                           Attempt or throwing Molotov will result in bans by the admins "

Now i do understand 100% where you are coming from although i would formalate diffrently since it seems like you have the Power to tell the Admins who to ban.

Now i guess its none of my buisniss but im just saying.

Nicholasas and Daniel's performance, I removed it cause of copyright :
[Image: Ringo-Starr-courtesy-totaldrumsets.com_.jpg]

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  • Jessixa
i wouldve been there but i literally spilled water over my keyboard so you can understand that this wasnt my first priority yeah
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  • Ryan :)
epic nicholas, playing Money.

the beatles version tho.
or well in the FLRP Lore or whatever, the Blackjacks.
[Image: 4jNrc6Z.jpg]

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